Monday, December 5, 2016

How to Read your Knitting Part 5

This reading your knitting tip came from a discussion with another knitting teacher. The question was about how to help knitters keep track of RS and WS shaping instructions. 

The specific project was a garter stitch, asymmetrically shaped triangle shawl worked from a narrow tip to a wide cast off edge. You decrease on RS rows on every fourth row and increase on the opposite side on every row (RS and WS rows). Most knitters put a safety pin on the RS to keep track of the sides. The pin needs to be moved as the work progresses and the knitter has to remember to look for it and confirm if they are on the RS or WS.

My sample below is for a top down asymmetrical triangle. This one is more complicated because it has patterning to be worked on both the right and wrong side as well as different shaping instructions for each edge.

My tracking detail is the colour of the markers.  Look closely (click on the photo to make it larger) and you can see some of my yellow markers on the right side of the sample. Most of the green and blue ones are not visible. I've worked just past the centre stitch and I've switched to blue and green markers. I've got a marker at every eighth stitch repeat so there are several of them on each half. My rule for all projects is to use warm colour markers on the RS for the first half and then switch to cool colour markers for the second half. When I begin a row the first marker colour immediately tells me if I am working a RS (warm colour) or WS (cool colour) row.


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