Monday, February 25, 2013

How to Knit Gloves Part 5

Some Final Tips

  • Use self-patterning sock yarn to add colour and pattern to the glove.
  • Choose hand dyed yarns for colour variation in a simple glove.
  • Work a single lace motif from a stitch dictionary on the back of hand. 

  • Do fancy cuffs in a fashion yarn or in a two colour pattern.
  • Work any simple stitch pattern over the back of hand segment. Choose seed, moss or little cables; pick a stitch pattern that can be easily memorized.
  • Create fingerless gloves by stopping short after beginning the fingers and finishing with a few rows of a non-curling stitch like garter, rib or seed stitch.

  • Look at sock patterns for stitch designs with small repeats which will work on gloves as well.
  • Use gloves to sample stitch patterns from stitch dictionaries. 
  • When using leftover yarn from a garment, use the project as inspiration and repeat an element for a co-coordinating glove. 

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  1. Very comprehensive review of Gloves. Just what we need in Winter time.

    Thanks, Robin,