Monday, February 4, 2013

How to Knit Gloves Part 3

The direction of the increases for the thumb gusset varies from pattern to pattern. The decision to consider is does the work look best with the increases slanting towards the centre of the gusset or away from the gusset? Any stitch pattern may change this result. Neither version is incorrect. What is most important is consistency.

Extra Tips for Fingers

When knitting for yourself check the lengths of each section continuously while knitting and note any adjustments made to ensure the second glove will be the same.

If any of the fingers feel too snug during the knitting, tear back to the beginning of the finger and add in an extra stitch with an additional pickup.

Work the thumb before the fingers for more accurate fit.

If the stitches on waste yarn are slipping down, tug on both ends of the waste yarn above the stitches to be retrieved, until the smaller needle can be inserted.
Use the smaller needles to pick stitches up from the waste yarn and then change to the larger needles.

If the stitches at the base of the fingers look strained, create an additional stitch or two in the pickup area edges and then work corresponding decreases in the first round with knit two together to reduce back to the appropriate number of stitches.

Finger shaping can be perfected by switching to smaller needles just above the upper knuckle for contoured fingers or on the row before the decrease round for fingers of very even widths.

Push completed fingers inside the glove if they get in the way while working subsequent fingers.

Warning, fingertips always look pointy until the yarn tail is woven in.
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