Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Power of the Blog

I've never kept a journal and in the past I rarely ever wrote anything down other than shopping lists, things to do lists, work related notes for reference and of course knitting notes while writing patterns. My husband has always teased me that I sign every card with "Love Robin" and nothing else. I guess I need to work on that! In the last year the power of the written word has been clearly demonstrated to me and it has been a revelation to me to discover how it clarifies my thinking.

Last year after some difficulty at work a friend asked me why I was letting someone "push my buttons" when normally I'm so good at letting that sort of thing go. I couldn't answer that question when it was asked but I started writing notes every time I was reviewing the events. Eventually, after much analysis I answered the question for myself. The good thing about knowing the answer is that it led to a solution and a resolution, at least for me. It also led to starting this blog.Originally I did see the blog as more of a journal or diary but as it develops it seems to be taking a direction of its own choosing. I'm really enjoying writing. I find my self more concerned with grammar than I've ever been before and I've started reading up as grammatical questions occur to me. I've been using both of these sites for information: and
I hope that this will improve my writing and I'm sure my patterns will benefit as well. Right now my tech editor is making the grammatical improvements for me.I'm also astounded that I have readers and that the numbers of readers seem to be slowly but steadily increasing. I hope that means that I am providing value to others as well as to myself. I love doing the interviews and I get such a charge out of it when they turn up in my email. I've started reviewing knitting books not because I want to critique the work of other Knitters (I don't) but because I look at these books myself and I want share them with you, promote knitting and support other designers. I think we all have something to add to the knitting world. I've taken so many classes from so many fabulous Knitters and now it's my turn to give back.

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  1. I'm really enjoying your blog, Robin. Isn't it funny how the blog becomes its own thing, despite your original intentions? Mine is still evolving as I grow and change direction. Keep up the great work!