Monday, May 10, 2010

The Knitter's Frolic

I spent Saturday and Sunday at the Knitter's Frolic this weekend. It's an annual event hosted by my guild the Downtown Knit Collective. More details are here

Saturday my friend Anastasia and I worked for an out of town vendor. Indigo Moon. You can find Trish's beautiful yarns here The colour above was the yarn I received as payment.

We helped on Friday night with setting up the booth. Trish's parents were also there and we all worked together for about 3 hours to get ready for the following day. Saturday Anastasia picked me up at home and we arrived just in time to greet the hoards of Knitters who attended the frolic. Of course both Anastasia and I took time to walk the market and visit all the other great vendors there. Anastasia picked this yarn from the West Coast Musing line.
I also bought 2 skeins of yarn from Dye -Version

Their site is still under construction so check back there later. I bought some of the yarn that has silver spun in, it's 2% sterling silver. Very pretty and the shine is delicate and subtle.

On Sunday I taught my newest class "Proportions for EveryBody" I had a lot of fun doing it. I hope the students felt the same way. We spent the bulk of the time doing individual figure analysis and then talked about strategies to balance our figure proportions and camouflage parts we don't want other people to notice. Working as a group really helps when someone misjudges their own body (usually in a negative way) and everyone in the room is shaking their heads and saying "NO". It's also amazing to look at someone with a great figure and hear their concerns. Often what we think is the best attribute is the one that bothers them the most. Our discussion also confirmed that there really is no such thing as a standard size, every women there talked about how difficult it is to find clothes that fit. I got several really great idea's from the participants that will help me make the next session even better. I always enjoy teaching because I learn so much. I want to spend more time analyzing other figure shapes so I have more advice ready for body shapes that are different from mine.

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