Monday, May 24, 2010

Knitting in the Sun by Kristi Porter

I ask the question, "Do you look at other designers' work or are you afraid that you will be influenced by their designs?" in my weekly interviews. I personally look at everything: art, nature, textiles, mainstream fashion and the work of other Knitters. I never know where their inspiration will take me but I love the ride!

The focus of this book is on designs produced with yarns suitable for warm weather. It includes designs for:

5 sleeveless tops
4 short-sleeved tops
4 lightweight long-sleeved tops
6 summer-weight cardigans
2 skirts, a sleep set, and a wearable bathing suit
9 accessories ranging from a beach hat to a cotton wrap to a beach chair

Its a compilation book with designs from many well known designers focusing on non-wool yarns like cotton, linen, bamboo and silk.
I especially liked the photo table of contents that appeared before the more traditional version. I have a stitch dictionary that uses this set up and it really speeds things up when you are looking for a specific design. The book has a good variety of projects as well as a good mix of level of difficulty. It also includes a list of skill used for each pattern. That's the approach I use as well in my patterns. Having assisted many Knitters in my LYS I generally find that difficulty ratings don't work very well. Techniques that one knitter would rate as simple are difficult for others and vice versa.

Many of the garments include waistline shaping. I like to see that as I think that in general a little shaping adds a lot to the overall flattery of most knits.

Has anyone knit that bathing suit? Let me know if you did. Is the 1.7% lycra enough to keep it on in the water? I notice in the photo the model looks wet but I'm not sure if the suit is.

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