Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Art Knitters - Compulsive Knitting

Take a look over here

There are more photo's once you get to the article. The art is by Daniela Edburg and she is interviewed by Nicole Pasulka. The complete interview is at the link. I've copied in one Q & A below.

Why did you start knitting compulsively? For me (Daniela) it began to be a form of occupational therapy, even without knowing what I was doing. I started knitting long strips of fluffy pink material, and after a while I realized it was perfect to put together a brain, and a nice new fluffy brain was exactly what I needed at the moment, a soft and simple version. Knitting and crocheting are basic activities that permit me to build something without worrying about the concept or the story or where I am going, satisfying my need to “do something” and clearing my mind as I do it, slowly it materializes literally into a clear idea. I like this process.

I continue to be fascinated by the process of the Art knitters. The technical challenges as well as the vast scope of the knitting that they produce. I also have a tendency to be compulsive about my knitting. It's a daily activity for me and I feel cheated by any day that does not allow for some knitting time. I especially love the kinds of projects that are gauge-less, top down shawls or hats that you don't have to swatch for. I love to do the just cast on and go items like scarves or free form projects. I'm sure that's because I spend so much time swatching without an exact end product in sight. How about you, are you a compulsive Knitter?


  1. Daniela Edburg's work is amazing!

  2. I was a compulsive knitter in college: it cleared my mind and soothed my stress. But then I got carpal tunnel syndrome: had to quit knitting and violin for a while: I'd rather have quit typing, but papers were non-negotiable. Once I had children, I had to quit sitting on the floor when I knit because they threw themselves in my lap without looking for pointy things.

    They are older now, and I'm beginning to knit more, I still have to ration my hands though.