Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Hand Knitting versus the Fashion World

What's the disconnect here? I have a weird fascination with the type of garment in the photo above. This one is from Vogue Magazine, it's from Paul & Joe (Pre-Fall 2017 collection). I found it on Pinterest. It's interesting enough for Vogue to cover it on both their British and American websites. I'm guessing that fashionista types must like it, if it gets that sort of coverage.  On the other hand I can just hear my knitting friends listing off the problems they would have making something like this. They would likely say:

  • It's inside out.
  • It's fake or cheater's Fair Isle.
  • The ends aren't sewn in
  • The edges on the scarf are unfinished and that's why it's rolling up. 
  • It looks like a bunch of leftover scraps. 

Did I miss anything? What do you think about the difference between fashion and hand knitting aesthetics?


  1. Think you covered everything---oh except maybe YUCK (at least from this knitter's perspective). It might be fashion to some but it sure isn't representative of any knitting I'd care to make nor wear ;)