Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Custom Fitting - Why it's Important

Mary Pat and I at YarnOver Sleepover

In a recent post that included some pictures of me in my customized sweater I said: "The sweater I'm wearing was customized to fit me. If you look at the schematic from my drafting program you will notice I don't have much of a waistline. I have very short arms. My armhole depth is shorter than the average. Did you notice any of those things before I pointed them out? Probably not and other people won't notice how you differ either."

In the photo above I'm wearing Rose Sheldon.  This sweater was also customized to my unique measurements. The one critical concept I want to make clear is that when you customize fit the differences from the average are hidden. By not wearing a too long sleeve I do not draw attention to my short arms. By knitting a larger front than back I avoid any straining of the fabric and I keep my side seams sitting in the correct position on my body. Shortening the armhole depth eliminates unflattering bulk in that area. Using a deeper rib that ends higher on my torso creates the illusion of a waistline. So where do you differ from the pattern and what should you change on the next sweater you knit?

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