Monday, October 20, 2014

Custom Fit - If you think you can, you’re right!

I recently taught my Cardigan Queen class. It's an all day class. We usually spend the first half on technical skills, mainly bands and buttonholes since both are critical for cardigans. That half always goes well. The students are being challenged with new skills and embrace the learning enthusiastically. I recommend this class for knitters who already have basic knitting skills and those who are ready to advance.

I spend the second half working on custom fit techniques. Many students take the class specifically for that knowledge. It's always a challenging part of the class because every student requires different adjustments. Some students jump right in and take the information provided to make plans to deal with their specific figure challenges. Others have a deep fear of going off pattern. As a teacher it's very interesting to watch who is successful and who isn't. It's not dependent on actual skills or even intellect. I know immediately which students will go off pattern on their next garment. I know because they say it, not always directly but with their attitude and body language. If they start holding their hands above the table and their suppiles in a "hands off" gesture I know they aren't ready to go off pattern yet. Sometimes I see the "tell" while they are saying yes I've answered all of their questions. Fortunately, I rarely see this problem. Most knitters take classes and recognize even when they are not yet ready to add a new skill they will be soon. If you are struggling with adding in new skills and concepts please remember: It’s all about mind set. If you think you can, you’re right, if you think you can’t, you’re right!


  1. Do you have a calendar of where and when you're doing classes/speaking? I just forwarded your name to the Kitchener Waterloo guild program co-ordinator. Hopefully she will book you, otherwise, I'd like to try to get to a class next time your near me.

    1. Tabi I'll send you an email with some details.