Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Knitting for Hot Days

When I was knitting for myself in the past I usually switched to hot weather yarns as soon as the temperature went up. Now I'm often thinking ahead to the next season. Thank goodness for air conditioning as my current project is worsted weight alpaca, gorgeous but very warm as the garment grows in size. 

I have noticed recently that sales of my winter projects have increased in the Southern Hemisphere so perhaps I should be thinking more globally instead of seasonally?

I've added photos and links to my summer pattern releases. Both are worked bottom up, in the round, with no seaming. I've worn them frequently this summer. My one disappointment is that they are garments that look better on a body than on a mannequin. I'm trying to sort out exactly why, as it happens the other way with some garments. Sometimes it is due to the fit. My mannequin is smaller than me so occasionly I pad the bust line out. She has very small hips so the bamboo tunic falls in a little more than it would on a real body. I love that one on me and I suspect it will look great on bodies with a fuller hip especially if they customize the length above or below their widest hip measurement. The bamboo has a fabulous drape and lays flat to the body without adding extra visual weight which works well on plus figures.
The garment above is hand dyed cotton. I'm very happy with how the camera did capture the variation in colour. The mannequin in this case does not capture how flattering the neckline is. I think that may be due to the lack of arms to fill out the sleeves.

I do think that the advantage of a mannequin in choosing patterns for the knitter is we are less influenced by the art and mood of the photo. We are therefore more focused on the real properties of the garment and better able to assess the potential effect on our own unique bodies. What do you think?

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