Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Is this the Golden Age of Knitting?

I read about knitting everyday. I get knitting newsletters, I read knitting blogs, I get knitting books from the library. In my early knitting days I was an isolated knitter. The only other knitters I knew were related to me. Now I have a regular knitting group and I attend the occasional Knit night at a local shop. I go to knitting events either to shop or teach. The Internet has made so much more possible in the knitting world. We knitters can find each other so easily now. We share information and it seems to me we may be experiencing the golden age of knitting. 

Technical abilities are increasing. You can take a class while sitting in your own home and yarn shops are opening in more locations offering classes. When I teach classes I often have very advanced students who have good, solid skills that they are looking to build on. 

Design advances in both construction and aesthetics seem to be popping up everywhere. At the same time knitters are having fun with traditionally based knitting and enjoy learning about the history of our craft. 

Do you think this might be the golden age of knitting?

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  1. Yes, I think we might be entering into that era. So much information about techniques, design, yarn, is able to be shared so easily and quickly. If an art is to endure and blossom, this kind of sharing is a must. I think this is just the beginning.