Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A British Knitting Business

My husband sent me the link to this article

Beryl Brewis has started a business supplying hand knit scarves to a online and brick and mortar retailer in the UK. She found many of her Knitters by visiting local knitting groups and acknowledges their contribution by having each scarf numbered and signed by the Knitter who made it. The hope is that these scarves will become collector items. It's a unique approach to the possibility of creating a different kind of knitting business. You can find the scarves online here.
Take a careful look at the prices. At £123.50 - £166.00 or $ 194.72 - $261.72 USD I'm not sure how many buyers are out there but I will be very interested to see how well the business does.

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  1. I came across your blog and I would love to see how this business goes. Having a knitting business isn't easy, so I get really happy when others pursue their dreams.