Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Social Knitting Inspiration Part 3

I finished the green and ivory stash buster project from this post. 

It made for easy knitting during the Christmas holidays, always a good idea between the cycle of cooking, cleaning, entertaining and staying out late to socialize. It turned out like this: 

I used a combination of garter stitch and 2 x 2 rib. I double stranded the yarns in several combinations and then knit one row of each combo over a 3 row sequence. I also added short rows in the garter section so the bottom is wider. After I added the fringe I weighed the left overs and I had about 40 grams. Mission accomplished on my stash down.

Then I needed something else easy to work on. Of course I had forgotten about the blue project. (Next step, put getting organized on the New Year resolution list.) I started and finished this:

I'd been wanting to try out this construction method for a while and had written out the basic instructions in a notebook I keep for that purpose. (Fortunately, I could find the notebook.) You are only seeing half the shawl because I couldn't fit it in the photo when it was open. Both sides end in that spiral and it's folded at the centre.

It's all in fingering weight yarns and does that curling thing on the edges when you let them hang free. It happens because there are so many increases made in a very small area. 

After that one, I started swatching for another stash down project. So far I like that one so much it could become a pattern so you may see it sometime in the future. Now I have to go find the bag with the blue and green yarns and put it somewhere accessible so it will be ready when I get back to it. 

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