Monday, January 30, 2017

Hand Knit OOTD

Fashion bloggers have their OOTD (outfit of the day), now that I'm in reorganization mode I'm finding hand knits which haven't been worn in a while. This is my hand knit OOTD. Here's a long bobbled cardigan I was inspired to wear recently out to lunch with a girlfriend. There isn't a pattern for this one. It's one of the many personal projects from before I started writing patterns. The pants are Hue faux leather leggings, the shirt is a basic white cotton and I wore a piece of jewellery I made myself.

If there had been any serious walking that day I would have substituted my black brogues for those high heeled ankle boots. I carried a black patent hand bag. 

I need to read up on how those fashion blogs make their flat lay photos look so good. I ended up putting the focus on the sweater but I can see that did some odd things lighting wise to my black leather boots. 

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