Monday, January 23, 2017

Goodbye Knitter's Magazine

Goodbye Knitter's

Knitter's magazine is no longer publishing. You can read their goodbye here on their website. Interestingly I had just published a blog post questioning Vogue magazine's future. 

From their open letter:
"Over 3+ decades the worlds of publishing and knitting have evolved. To meet the new challenges, we have grown along the way—happily adding XRX Books, STITCHES Events, and an active digital presence. Meanwhile, the major shift in the marketplace from paid-print to free-digital content required different approaches. Now, the recent retirement of key members of our publishing team allows us to refocus for the next generation of XRX, Inc. So, K125 (Winter 2016, in print and digital format) is the final issue of Knitter’s Magazine."

There's a thread here on Ravelry for further discussion.

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  1. Sad whenever something to do with knitting ends but not surprising.