Monday, September 14, 2015

Summertime Leaves and Autumn Arrives

I work everyday at my dining room table. We have a spare bedroom which I initially set up as my working space but I can't look out the window there. 

This is what I look out at while I'm working. 

I'm a balcony gardener and it's almost time to put the garden to bed. I've already emptied many of my pots of the annuals. The sweet potato vine flourished this summer as you can see in my photos.

I've added in Garden Mums for colour and I'll probably get to refresh them once more before winter.

I may switch to burgundy Mums for the next few weeks once the yellow ones are done. 

When I started working from home I realized exposure to light has an impact on my mood. On days I don't go out I make a point of sitting outside in the afternoon I can knit in the spring and fall but I read in the summer when it gets too warm to knit. 

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