Monday, September 21, 2015

Fashion Bloggers

I did a post on a few of the Fashion blogs I follow here. In that post I focused on the blogs of stylists as I feel I've learned a lot by following them. 

I also follow a number of other fashion blogs which give advice but also post lots of photos of what they are wearing. Recently one of them responded to a nasty Internet troll who had made extremely ugly comments. The post is here.
The post where the comments are is here.

I was very angry about the mean spirited nature of the comments and very proud of the bloggers response. It made me realize that following these bloggers has had a slow, long term effect on my outlook. Seeing real women, with real bodies, instead of skinny fashion models on a regular basis as when I read fashion magazines has made me kinder about both my own and other women's figures. They revel in having fun with fashion and take joy sharing what they wearing. I'm so thankful for the positive impact they are having on me. I hope it works for you too.

Here's a list for you to check out:


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