Wednesday, January 21, 2015

What is the Future of Unique, Hand Crafted Fashion?

Ever since the Golden Globes I've been pondering the future of unique, hand crafted fashion. As knitters we create something very special. We spend hours creating items that only other knitters can truly appreciate or even understand. I suspect that is why some of those gifted hand knits go unappreciated. 

As a life long knitter I've been thrilled with the resurgence of knitting. There was as time when I believed knitting was on the edge of becoming a lost craft.

I watch all of the red carpet coverage for the big events. I frequently hear fashion commentators comparing how garments that are stunning in real life don't always translate well onscreen. I know the same thing happens with pattern photography. I hear very different comments when knitters see my work up close. I also have to style items very differently for photography than I do when I wear them in real life. Matching looks good close up, however in photos contrast needs to be high or many details are lost.

The two gowns that struck me as amazing pieces of couturier work were both criticized by some commentators. I'm lucky to have a fairly large HDTV screen so I could see the detail on these dresses clearly. The Miu Miu below that Sienna Miller wore was stunning yet the photos just don't do it justice. The embroideries were very detailed. (Go to the photo links for larger images)

Claire Dane's Valentino is made of feathers, yet in a photo it looks like a print. Even with a big screen I didn't see the feathers until someone asked her about them and she ran her hand over the fabric and ruffled the feathers. It does seem that the most admired gowns were the simplest probably because they do photograph so well.

Emily Blunt's gown is beautiful and she looks fabulous as did many of the stars in the simple dresses.
With the current fast fashion world the highly detailed, hand crafted garments are becoming rare. Thank goodness the knitters reading my blog have protected and advanced the knitting world. 

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