Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Signature Yarns and Robin Hunter Designs

My dear friend Patrick Madden and I are working on some collaborations putting my patterns and his gorgeous yarns together. I'm knitting some samples that I will share in coming weeks. He has a few more projects going out to other knitters.

Patrick and I met while working in our local LYS. He was known there for his fabulous display work. Last week he borrowed a few of my sweaters and I'm blown away by the results of his photos. It's so interesting to see my "girls" being presented in a totally different format.

All patterns are available here. Patrick's yarns are available here.


  1. Robin, these pictures beautifully showcase your patterns. Can't wait to check out Patrick's yarn. This seems like an exciting collaboration.

    1. He has gorgeous yarns including an exact substitute for the yarn used in all of these garments. We offer a different range of colours.