Monday, January 19, 2015

How to get The Most out of Hand Dyed and Variegated Yarns

I'll be speaking at my local guild Wednesday on the topic of:

How to get The Most out of Hand Dyed and Variegated Yarns

I've done this presentation several times now and I also run a workshop version so knitters can test out the techniques for themselves.  The class and presentation were developed after a number of knitters told they were very disappointed with the results of some of their projects when using these yarns. That happens because we don't always understand what we are buying when we see the gorgeous colours in a skein. I'll explain how to analyze the yarn so you understand what you're working with and what techniques best suit these yarns.  

Here's an example of the concepts I'll be speaking about. The two shawls below are from the same pattern. I love both of them, however they are very different. Do you see how the hand dyed yarn obscures the pattern when compared to the solid version? When you understand the principles your expectations are in alignment with the results, which equals a happy knitter!

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