Monday, September 5, 2011

Reno Hell - Working from Home During a Renovation

Life has finally returned to normal here. After moaning to a designer friend about how my husband taking all of his vacation this summer interfered with my working schedule the irony gods got me back. My husband went to work, the reno went on ...and on and I had to deal with it by myself.

There was noise and dust and yucky smells. There were various tradesmen in and out. There were calls to the condo office to get the elevator on and off service. The phone was ringing while people were knocking at my door. Our bank account has been drained. The cats had to be locked up in various rooms depending on where the contractors needed to get to. At one point I had a cardboard wall blocking them into the living room (where there is no door). The wall needed constant reinforcement as both George and Gracie figured out two different techniques of escape. I have no idea how we would have gotten this done if I still went out to work.

It has all come to a happy ending. I have a beautiful new bathroom and today I can get back to my normal work is good.

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