Monday, September 19, 2011

Communication with Commentors

I'm very happy using blogger. The fact that it is free is important to me. The one drawback it has is that I can't respond directly to comments. I've been told that only the blogs that have fees provide this feature. With Blogger I get an email telling me a comment is there and I click a link to see it and publish. I always feel a little uncomfortable thinking that someone who took the time to comment may feel ignored when that is truly not the case. The emails appear with a non-reply address. Occasionally when I've tried to find a way to contact a commenter I can find an email but that seems to be very infrequent.  

So to respond to some past comments, I really liked the suggestion about adding links to specific patterns in my designer interviews and I've started doing that as much as possible. I hope that it is proving useful to my readers.

To the person who asked me to email them back regarding research, you can reach me by going to the email link on my profile, which appears on the about me page in blogger.

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