Monday, September 12, 2011

New Pattern - The Pamela Creegan Keffiyeh

This pattern has just been released. You can find it here. It was something I knit for myself with no intention of publishing. The yarn was purchased to go with a pair of gloves. At the time I was knitting it I got  interested in doing eyelets on the edges of shawls and scarves to allow for easy and even placement of fringes. While I was working on it someone asked when I would have the pattern up for sale so I decided I would have it edited and published. I have noticed how appealing a simple project is to experienced knitters. We all need the TV and commuting projects. Of course novice knitters also want to work on projects like this one as well. The yarn is a very soft alpaca,but you could easily substitute as wool in the same weight with a tweedy texture to get the same look. It's available from 3 different yarn companies in different locations.

My husband does my photography and he really didn't like the photo above, what do you think? He thinks it's too busy. I like it as that's the way I've been wearing the scarf. When winter comes I'll wear it with the matching gloves with the point at the front.

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