Wednesday, June 16, 2010

New Pattern! The Lady in Waiting Scarf

My latest pattern is up on Patternfish you can find it here

My husband takes my photo's for me and we continue to improve on the results. We started with the orange scarf on the mannequin the way I wear it paired with my orange suede jacket. It looks great that way in real life but in a photo the colours really disappear. They say that photo's don't lie but don't believe that. So much detail is lost in a photo. Even with photoshop and sharpening up the colours you really don't see how gorgeous they really are. On my monitor they look pretty true to the actual yarn but still lack a little of the drama of real life.


  1. I love a big, generous scarf you can wrap around and around. And yeah for fringe!

  2. Great pattern, Robin - I love the woven look!