Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I am the Techno Destroyer!

In the movie Vanilla Sky Tom Cruise shouts out "tech support" when things are going wrong for him. That has become a running joke in my home. When ever I have computer problems I shout "tech support" and my husband kindly rushes to my aid and solves my problem. He calls me the techno destroyer. I'm sure he means that in an affectionate loving way right???

Last Thursday my computer became infected with a virus. If I used a search engine I was hijacked and no links could be accessed. I was taken to random sites and they started popping up when I was doing something completely unrelated. We started running scans and all sorts of nasty Trojans were identified.

Friday we took the laptop to a local repair shop where they attempted to do a clean up and in the end had to totally wipe the drive. I got it back Sunday and we bought two different protection software systems since clearly the one we had wasn't doing enough.I'm switching to Firefox from Internet Explorer as a result of the technicians advice. Now we are starting to reload my software as well. I've been working on paper as a stopgap solution. I don't know what I've lost of the things I'm currently working on yet as I can't access those files until we reload everything. Needless to say this is extremely frustrating. It's amazing, technology frees us in so many ways but when it fails we realize that we are so dependent on it that it's loss hurts. It's also costing me money. I'll be adding that to my Robin Hunter Designs credit/debit worksheet. I really need to knit faster.

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