Monday, June 28, 2010

Knitty Yarn Roundtable

Last Thursday I attended my first yarn tasting event at The Purple Purl. It's put on by Knitty and was a great deal of fun. More than 25 Knitters assembled to test and comment on 5 different yarns. We all rotated around the shop from table to table knitting the yarn at each station and then each of us filled out a review with our comments on the yarn. The feedback will be collected and then posted to Knitty. Here's an example of the information they share.

The Purple Purl is in the east end of Toronto and I live in the west so I had not been into the shop before. I had seen them at both the DKC Knitters Frolic and the Kitchener-Waterloo Knitters Fair. The shop is lovely and is a cafe as well so you can have a drink and a snack while you ponder your potential purchases there. The staff is very friendly and relaxed and makes everyone feel welcome. They have a good amount of stock and a number of sample garments are displayed around the store. They also have a sign at the front which proclaims that they are crochet friendly as well.

As we moved around the tables I got to chat with a number of Knitters which of course is always fun to do. Most of the talk was of the G20 conference going on in the city. Our downtown has been heavily impacted by the security arrangements and a few Knitters canceled due to traffic restrictions. I also met Kate Atherley in person who is Fridays interview. Kate and I have had a number of email conversations so I was delighted when she suggested in one that we met for coffee to talk in person a few weeks from now. I didn't know she would be attending the event so it was fun to have a pre-meeting before our coffee date.

At the end of the evening there is a draw and I went home with a copy of The Alchemy of Color Knitting. There were a number of books, knitting accessories and skeins of yarn in the draw so everyone went home with something. I hope to attend this event again in the future as I really enjoyed it.

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