Wednesday, September 2, 2009

What You Can Learn from The Dog Whisperer

I've become a huge fan of the Dog Whisperer

I don't have a dog but I'm very interested as a previous psychology student in the positive psychology movement. If you watch Cesar you begin to realize that his messages aren't just about dogs, they are about life.

What can you learn from Cesar?

1 Sometimes you are the problem in a relationship. You need to analyze your own behaviour before you blame others for a situation. They may be reacting to your actions. Change your behaviour and they will adapt their response.

2 Energy is important. You communicate your energy through body language and you need to examine your own energy when people respond to you in unexpected ways. Are you calm and assertive or do you stand hunched over with clenched fists?

3 You need to think like a "dog" and empathize with the viewpoints of others to move forward in difficult situations. Sometimes you have to make the first move and ask people what they want. They may not be able to articulate what they need from you but just asking the question may change how they relate to you.

4 You need to practice to get better at what you want to do, this includes knitting and everything else in life.

5 People often treat you the way you expect them to so you need to expect the best treatment from others and be ready to speak up and take appropriate action if they don't.

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