Friday, September 4, 2009

I'm Using You!

I need to confess this, I need to get it off my conscience now before you figure it out for yourself!

When you take one of my knitting classes I'm using you.

I use you to make me a better teacher. All my students have taught me something even the ones who didn't get a lot from my class.

The challenging students gave me even more.

They helped me to define my teaching style.
They made me test and practice techniques that were new to me.
They made me clarify my teaching goals.
They asked me hard questions that I had to do research to answer.
They taught me that I know more than I thought I did and that the 10,000 hours of sewing, millinery, knitting and designing have paid off with a treasure trove of knowledge that is invaluable to me in my quest to become a professional Knitter.

Thank you

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