Monday, September 28, 2009

I Need 3 Volunteers

I want to know what your most difficult fitting problems are.

If you post your specific issue in the comments I'm going to sort the posters by category of problem and draw 3 names (each will fall into a specific fitting problem) I'd like to work with each one of you to develop a customized knitting schematic for a basic cardigan. You will need to be prepared to provide me with a detailed set of measurements as well as details on ease preference, gauge of yarn and some pictures to assist me with this process. You also need to be willing to let me post about the process. I won't use your name if you prefer but I will use your measurements. I hope to post one schematic "intervention" per month. You need to be a confident Knitter for this process to be useful to you. It will provide you with enough specific fitting information that going forward you can continue to knit from patterns but will be able to choose the correct size more accurately and make the required adjustments to fit and flatter your unique body.

So are you interested? The draw will be held on Oct. 15th


  1. I'm totally interested! I'm a "challenge" for designers because I'm really narrow in the shoulder, but significantly busty, with a VERY short waist with no definition. I'd be thrilled if you wanted to take me on. :-)

  2. Count me in!

  3. 4aona

    I can't find you in ravelry I'm knittingrobin please PM me