Monday, June 26, 2017


Teresa (who I interviewed here) is starting a project to focus on the fitting needs of petite knitters. You can check it out here. Her plan is to "demystify the sizing system we live within today, so we can better understand how to fit our knits to our own bodies." I'm currently working on an interview for the project where I'll be answering questions related to petite fitting challenges. I'm 5'2" myself and have had to figure a lot of this stuff out along the way. 

I've been reading through the material she has provided so far and I have already learned something new from her fit survey information. Many clothing items have a bigger difference in the hip to waist ratio than I have. Pattern making systems often use a ten inch difference and mine is generally seven to eight inches. It turns out this is very common with petites. Understanding these differences is key to developing good fit for our own garments. 

I'll let you know when the interview goes up. 


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