Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Social Knitting Inspiration

I mentioned recently I was going to set up some really simple social knitting projects. The things I'm working on for patterns often don't work well for my carry along projects and I have lots of small amounts of yarn I don't want to give away or waste. 

I spent some time on Pinterest looking for silhouette ideas and specifically chose things with more than one colour. Notice that two of these items are crochet. I did that on purpose. Projects are made up of colour, texture and shape. I can generate ideas from alternate fibre sources and I prefer to do so I know I'm not being overly influenced by another knitter's work. I look at vintage garments, woven fabric garments, crochet and sewing sources as well. I know I don't want to use garter stitch but I do want an easily memorized stitch. Using crocheted items will move me further away in terms of a stitch pattern. Apparently fringe is calling to me?

In terms of colour, I have lots of blue, some greens and  mauve's to play with. I could do some sort of striping with double strands, perhaps changing out one colour at a time.

There's a pause here while I do some swatching, weighting of yarn to guesstimate yardage and work some calculations. I think I'm aiming for something like the two photos on the left. I want something longer though. I like the soft cowl like neckline on the crocheted version but I'm not sure that will work with my yarns. A backup plan would be to add an edging to draw the neckline in if it looks too stiff. 

Then the silhouette would be more like this, without the bottom edging:

I could also keep going and add a scarf like this:

This is how far I've gotten. I've done a swatch and cast on. Ignore the bright yellow yarn. That's a provisional cast on with waste yarn. Next, I like to let ideas marinate for a little while.

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