Monday, September 19, 2016

So many of you have asked...

I've had questions about why I'm teaching less. In my case, one of the issues is, venues always want new classes and I don't show a profit until I teach my classes multiple times. I also have reasons concerning the quality of my teaching for why I want to repeat the classes. I have a post on that topic here. 

I'm currently seeing more consistent pattern sales and my collaboration with Signature yarns is having an impact on my available time.

It's also shockingly time consuming to apply for teaching opportunities. Eventually I realized that the decision to hire wasn't only based on my classes or on my reputation as a teacher. There are many other considerations venues use, social media presence, do they have a book or magazine to promote that you are included in, are you also a vendor, etc.

However, this is the part I haven't want to share in the past. Compensation is very poor and you need to be a very tough negotiator. Unfortunately no one (until now) has shared their rates so I've not really been sure what I should be asking for. Often you are presented with a payment scheme and told that is what everyone is being offered. I was told by someone confidentially that rock star knitters get much higher compensation. If I do manage to negotiate something different I am always sworn to secrecy! I have been asked on numerous occasions to do free work for exposure or to pay very high upfront costs with no guarantee of earnings. After several emails from an event who invited me to come teach and having starting payment negotiations, I emailed the organizer I would come if they guaranteed my out of pocket expenses and he didn't even bother to respond to say no. I know the students and attendees assume we are being appropriately compensated but it's not always the case. Much of the time and effort which goes into developing material and attending an event is not covered by the hourly rate of the actual class time.

If you haven't heard, there's a social media storm out there about teacher rates. They all say it very well so here's the links if you are interested in knowing what's going on.
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  1. And now you. You may not have said much but you have said something and it is something that contributes to the discussion.

    1. I agree this discussion is very important so I wanted to make sure as many people as possible know it's going on.

  2. Interweave has responded here: with some very good news.