Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Yarnovers, How to Remember Which Direction to Wrap the Yarn.

This question comes up in classes frequently. Which way do you wrap the yarn to create a yarn over?

Most instructions give you the four possible variations of placing the yarn over as follows:

A Knit stitch, yo, knit stitch.
B Purl stitch, yo, purl stitch.
C Knit stitch, yo, purl stitch.
D Purl stitch, yo, knit stitch.

Then you are given four sets of directions:

A Knit 1, bring the yarn from back to front between the needles, then knit the next stitch with the yarn running over the top of the right needle, the yarn strand will create a yarn over on the needle.
B Purl 1, take the yarn from front, over the top of the needle to the back and under to the front again, purl 1.
C Knit 1, bring the yarn forward between the needles, then take it back over the top of the right needle and under to the front, purl 1.
D Purl 1, leave the yarn at the front after the purl stitch and  knit the next stitch; the yarn will move up and over the needle to create the yarn over.

I find this creates too many instructions for the novice lace knitter to remember. I prefer the instructions to be based on stitch orientation. 

It’s important to understand for most knitters stitches sit on the needle in a specific way. The yarn from the loop’s right leg is at the front of the needle. The yarn going to the loop’s left leg is at the back of the needle. There are knitters who work in other manners, however almost all reference materials will assume this stitch mount. 

Therefore, create your yarn over by wrapping the yarn over the needle in whatever direction maintains stitch orientation for the yarn over.  

I find for classic knitters, once they understand what I mean by orientation, the direction of the yarnover becomes immediately obvious as they wrap the yarn around the needle. They see instantly when they go wrong.

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