Monday, February 2, 2015

What's in Your Bag?

Most knitters carry around a number of notions in their knitting bag.  I have my own list, it does vary from project to project. It also changes according to how long I will be away from home and how much knitting time I have. These are the things I may have in my bag. Many of them live on the table next to where I most often sit to knit, ready to be tossed into the bag as I prepare to knit away from home.

Handy travel Knit Kit (TSA approved), this tool incorporates a number of notions including scissors, a tape measure, two sized crochet hook and a counter.

A needle gauge.

A small ruler.

An emery board (for rough nails edges and to smooth wooden needles).

A small container of hand lotion. 

Wet ones, which are very useful normally and essential if you have a hand dyed yarn which is rubbing off on your hands. 

A yardage chart when I go on yarn shop visits.

Stitch markers, I like a really good selection, open, closed, plastic, rubber and yarn as well as a few coil less pins.

Waste yarn, handy if you need to save many live stitches or to use as a life line.

A really small size circular needle that slips into the work to correct various problems.

A stitch holder.

Sewing up needles.

Pencil, sharpener and eraser.

An extra cable needle just in case I lose the one in my garment. I've been known to substitute toothpicks and paper clips when desperate!

A notebook, this one has graph paper pages.

A small sticky roll to clean myself up when using fuzzy yarns.

A buttonhole gauge for marking even intervals.

My I phone has a calculator so I no longer carry a separate one. 

A clear pencil
or cosmetic bag to hold everything and keep them visible.

A copy of my pattern. When I'm really thinking I put it in a page protector.

Point protectors

Post it notes

A power bar just in case. Knitting burns a lot of calories, I think everyone knows that right?

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  1. I just ordered one of the expanding gauges - I've never seen them. I use a length of elastic with dots on with. This seems much better.