Monday, September 22, 2014

Why don't You Wear What You Knit?

I think the real question here is do you look at knitting patterns and say "I want to knit that" or do you say "I want to wear that"?  Sally Melville raised that question the last time she spoke at the DKC. 

That's me at the top looking very happy wearing The Barbara Franklin Cardigan. You can see all of it in this photo.

I wear everything I design. If I'm not happy wearing it I assume no one else will be either. 

If you are knitting for yourself and then find yourself never wearing what you knit it's time to give your project choice a little thought.

Don't pick another project until you review your own closet. Ask yourself what shapes and silhouettes do you wear most often. I like clothing that skims my body without being tight. I like classic fitted shapes. Just to get you started I'll tell why I like this cardigan so much. I'm 5 feet 2 inches and on the curvy side. I like my necklines to show some skin and a V neck adds a little length visually. It has a set in sleeve which I consider to be the most flattering on all figures. It's even better on someone like me with short arms as you see the full length of my arm with a sharply defined shoulder that sits on the shoulder bone. The wide band allowed me to make the front bigger than the back, that accommodates the curvy parts. Using a shawl pin to close the front means I can create a little more of a waistline than I really have. Standard women's sizes have 8-10 inches in difference between the hips and the waist. I'm closer to 5 inches in difference. That covers why I like to wear this cardigan. Now look in your closet and analysiz the items you wear most often for their general characteristics.

Next let's think about what you like to knit. I like a mix of complexity but I can't bear to knit plain stocking stitch. I also like to knit several things at the same time for variety. I knit lots of lace especially in the form of shawls. I wear the shawls over coats and jackets. I love the contrast in mood of a shawl with a jean jacket. I even have jean jackets top stitched feminine colours like pink and red to coordinate the shawls with.

I also like simple repetitive patterns as in this cardigan that require some attention but will work as projects to work on when other things are going on. Now think, what do you want to knit and to wear?

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  1. funny... i wear everything i knit (unless i knit it for someone else)! a big part of why i started knitting (and sewing) is because i never seem to be able to find what i want to wear in stores, so making it myself is the best option.