Wednesday, June 19, 2013

How to Accomplish More

I'm often asked how I manage to accomplish as many things as I do. I'll share a few of my productivity tips here.

A few years ago I read a blog post about choosing a one word New Year's Resolution. I've experimented with various words now for several years. This year's word is productivity. I need to grow my pattern portfolio to increase my business to fund more investment in the resources I need to keep moving forward. 

I use a Google task list to keep track of all the things I do. Number 1 on the list is the word productivity. I remind myself everyday by moving it to the next day's list so I don't lose sight of the annual goal

I have my list broken into groups of things to be done, mainly work projects and items for my personal life. 

To keep my enthusiasm up I've assigned myself  a list of books to read throughout the year on this topic. I read one per month. I started with the classic David Allen, Getting Things Done and have worked my way through a number of related topics, most recently David Rock's Your Brain at Work.

I've been targeting simple things such as getting enough sleep, exercise, taking enough down time and eating well. More recently I've changed up my working schedule by targeting my own energy ebbs and flows more accurately.

What do you do to get everything done?

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  1. That is pretty brilliant. I will have to think about what my one word would be. I make lists and then reward myself when I accomplish things on the list that I really didn't want to do. Usually with knitting time :)