Monday, May 6, 2013

I may be going over the edge....

I re-watched Chariots of Fire recently and was quite enjoying all the hand knits and sweaters that the costumers included in the film. There were crowd scenes that included some lovely Fair Isle tams. Hand knit vests were peeking out from under men's jackets. Cable knits were everywhere. They were of the type called Cricket sweaters in the UK but known as Tennis sweaters in the US. If you would like to see some vintage patterns of this type you can look here. If you scan down the page you will see examples from 1930 to 1960.

Unfortunately as I watched, the perfectionist knitter in me got out and completely distracted me from the plot. Good grief! Look at that sloppy neckband in the photo I've included above. That wasn't the only one, I just couldn't find a photo of the next crime against knitting example. Then I was very disturbed by the seed stitch band that was cast off in knit when it would have looked so much better cast off in pattern.

I can't help myself. I may be obsessed with knitting!

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