Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Hand Knitting Design Certification

I'm often asked about training and certification for the knitting industry. Most of my peers are self taught. A few have fashion school degrees that focused on industrial applications of knitting for the retail world. I have a background in custom garment construction mainly from the local board of education. Classes had no certification and fell under continuing education for adults. I worked mainly with woven fabrics and used cut and sew techniques with machine knit yardage. I did classes in millinery, tailoring, pattern drafting and couturier sewing. Eventually I taught for the board giving classes in basic sewing, sewing fake fur coats and (big surprise) I ran a hand knit design class.

I recently discovered this, it is the first mainstream Hand Knitting Design Certification program I have ever heard of. It doesn't appear to be part of the regular program as it is under the Rhode Island School of Design Continuing Education header on their web site.

This online program is in the UK. 

The Craft Yarn Council has a teacher certification program here. They also have begun to offer their Certified Instructors Program (CIP) in association with the Center for Professional Studies at the Fashion Institute of Technology's (FIT).

The Knitting Guild Association has a Master Program here.

I'd love to hear in the comments from anyone who has personal experience with any of these programs.

ETA: The link in the comment below does work. It does not reflect the usual hyperlink colour perhaps due to a blogger comments limitation? You can link here. There is a Ravelry group here.

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  1. NAC/Nihon Vogue certificate courses currently being taught in Vancouver BC and Seattle WA by Jean Wong. Curriculum is here