Monday, December 24, 2012

But is it Art?

I'm starting work on my next presentation for the knitting guild I belong to here in Toronto. I begin the research months in advance of the presentation. I find that lots of pre-work results in faster writing when I get to that stage. I generally end up with too much material. I edit down to the final result once I do a general outline and work out the flow of information. I was thinking about what motivates so many of us to want to work in an industry that does not guarantee financial success and that led me back to the is it art question.

I reread my posts listed below and thought you might like to as well. The comments are interesting. I've also included some links to other writing on this topic. The newest wrinkle I've been seeing is discussion about yarn bombers who are being labelled as graffiti artists or vandals by various observers.

This post is about Art yarn:

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