Monday, October 29, 2012

Celebrity Fashion Stylists

I watch and read a lot of fashion coverage in the media. Like everyone else, I love make overs! I've been noticing something about the celebrity stylists when they do the real people makeovers. They don't always seem to do the best job. I think that there are a few reasons for this. The first is that they are so used to working with young, tall, slim body types that their skill set isn't as highly developed when faced with a more average body type that perhaps needs to camouflage a specific area.

Generally they have relationships with specific brands, designers or retail organizations so they must limit their choices to items that will support that relationship.

I often see the makeover utilizes poor fitting garments, they wrinkle or strain over certain parts of the wearers body. They occasionally show too much skin either in the form of too short skirts or too much cleavage, appropriate for a starlet but not for an office or social event. The final problem I see is the pushing of trends which don't always flatter the wearer in the best possible way.

What do you think, have you noticed any other ways they fail?

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  1. I have often noticed, in magazine makeovers at least, that there appears to be a compulsion to colour hair. Why is that so necessary? For the photo ops, I think.