Monday, October 11, 2010

Famous Sweaters Part 1

My post a little while ago about the Lady Di sweater got me thinking about famous sweaters and I decided to post a few. I think this one is probably the most iconic.

This one gets my vote for the number two spot.

Looking up those two images lead me to people who made sweater wearing famous so of course I have to include this:

Mr. Rogers always wore classic sensible sweaters and one ended up in the Smithsonian Institute.

Bill Cosby also became famous for his sweaters. Unfortunately they were not so well received. I do like the one below but I don't know to many men who would wear that much pattern.

Have you got any "greats" to add to these? Let me know if you do.

More famous sweaters here and here


  1. How about Colin Firth's Christmas sweater in Bridget Jones' Diary??

  2. How about "The Sweater Girl" Lana Turner. (though I acknowledge that it wasn't about the sweater, but about what was underneath it!)