Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Luxe Knits

I ask the question, "Do you look at other designers' work or are you afraid that you will be influenced by their designs?" in my weekly interviews. I personally look at everything: art, nature, textiles, mainstream fashion and the work of other Knitters. I never know where their inspiration will take me but I love the ride!

Luxe Knits really intrigued me. The stying was retro glamour but at the same time it had a timeless quality. There were a number of garments that had a ladylike sensibility that appealed to my sense of style as well as some that were presented with the young knitter in mind.

Knitted skirts are very difficult to do successfully and there are 2 in this book that work well. Hand knit skirts are an item best worn by those with a slender figure but the A-line shape of these would flatter more body shapes. The tonal skirt in particular avoided the extra weight hand knits can add and actually looked a little floaty. That same element was used in a summer dress with a smocked bodice. The cable skirt would be harder to wear but I think the wide panels between the cables helped to cut down on the visual bulk. It was knit with a sport weight alpaca yarn that probably helped to make a drapey fabric.

The schematics are separate from the projects appearing at the back of the book. I would prefer that they appear with each pattern but it may have been done that way to save on layout space.

There is also small section of 4 crochet patterns. One incorporates a mainly knitted top with a free form crochet back section.

This book has a good variety of projects and as a designer I liked the approach of organizing around the techniques used, I love to play with one technique in different formats and I could see how Laura Zukaite did the same in her design process.

Laura has a new book coming out soon so I will look forward to seeing that one as well. You can find Laura here Head on over and check out her older posts as well to see a number of the book projects. She also has a sweater published here

Has anyone knit from this book if you have I'd be interested in seeing your comments.

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  1. Thanks for another great post. You always open my mind to new ideas, and I like the thought you put into your comments about the book and the design process.