Wednesday, October 28, 2009

How You Can Become A Subway Stylist

Warning! I ride the subway and I critic your clothes!

I've learned a lot about dressing myself in the best possible way by looking at other women on the subway.

All women in North America suffer from body image issues but we need to move beyond our fears and dress the bodies we have right now to look good. If you wait until...(fill in your own personal excuse here) you will never look great and that's what every one of us should be aiming for. If you look good you will feel good. Others will have more confidence in you and you will have a higher standard to aspire to. It becomes a self fulfilling prophecy that can lead to unexpected improvements in other areas of your life.

Start to look at other women who look good and figure out what they are doing right and copy them. Remember imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Next look at women who look bad and think of ways to "fix" them. This will help to develop the critical eye you need to objectively assess yourself.

Make sure that you also look at women who are your size or shape and learn from them. What are they doing right or wrong and how does that apply to you. If you have ever watched How to Look Good Naked you may already know that there is a good chance that you are much smaller than you think you are. Keep that in mind when choosing your potential role models. Focusing on body proportions may help as well so look for women with your shape even if they are much taller or shorter than you.

Notice their accessories, often the accessories make a "look".

Finally check out their hemlines sometimes an few inches in either direction can make a big difference, if you can see the errors on other women you have a better chance of identifying the missteps that you yourself make and of correcting them.

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