Wednesday, September 23, 2009

How to Give the Girls Some Extra Room

The normal knitting advice for Knitters of the curvy sort recommends using short rows to add the extra fabric where it is required. There is another method that you can use if short rowing won’t work due to stitch patterns that would be distorted.

On each side seam increase a few stitches below the bust line and knit a few extra rows in length. Use an existing garment to help you determine how many rows are required by examining how much your garments typically pull up at the hem line. Use another sweater or stretchy garment as your baseline not a woven item. Later decrease the extra stitches as you work your underarm decreases. (I’m assuming a set in sleeve is being knit). This makes your front longer and wider. When the garment is seamed. Sew it up matching row by row front to back until you get to the bust increases. At this point ease the extra rows in by matching 1 row from the back to 2 rows at the front and then back to the 1-1 ratio alternating as required based on the number of extra rows. You are easing the knitted fabric in creating a curved area to accommodate your curves. This is a sewing technique that is used for high end T shirts. Let me know what you think and how this technique works for you.

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