Monday, August 31, 2009

5 Tips on How to Become Your Own Fashion Stylist

Make it Flatter

Do you want to learn how to look better and choose more flattering clothing? I have some tips here to get you started.

1 Read some of the books that professional stylist's publish. You don't need to buy them just go to the library. When you find one that really works for you buy that one and read it more than once. There is a lot of detail in those books.

2 Look for the books with real women photo's. It will be much easier to find bodies with figure flaws similar to yours if you are not looking a fashion drawings or photo's of beautiful celebrities.

3 Look at celebrity women but not the ones who look like Charlize Theron. Look at people like America Ferrara (dressed as herself and then compare to her Ugly Betty persona), Oprah Winfrey or Hilary Clinton. These are women with real bodies who look good.

4 Remember that dark colours other than black can also be slimming and that they are not quite so drab. Consider navy, brown, dark green, charcoal and burgundy.

5 Notice that jeans come in different colours as well as shades. When you are choosing tops to wear with your jeans think about the complete outfit. Denim is a neutral but it's one that still calls for a little extra co-ordination. You can treat dark wash jeans as though they are navy for harmonious colour matching. You could also invest in black or white jeans to expand your wardrobe.

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