Wednesday, March 1, 2017

New Pattern - Ruth Kettering Wrap, the Stashbusters

Here's the photos of the stashbuster versions of this pattern. This is a great pattern to use up leftover yarn. All the ends can be finished off by weaving them into the picots which is an easy and very tidy way of weaving them in. As I worked on each one I grouped yarns in colour mixes. I picked one colour for the start and end and combined various weights together. 

This one has three colours, but four different yarns. The blue is Great Big Sea by Handmaiden Fine Yarn. The red is Knitpicks Wool of the Andes. There are two black yarns one is Knitca wosted weight and the other was some partial balls that I no longer remember what they were. 

This one has three colours and five different yarns. The variegated is Wellington Fibres, the label is long gone but I think it's an aran or worsted weight. The darkest green is Indiecita Alpaca 4-Ply Worsted. The other green and both the mauve's are Shelridge fingering weight. 

This one has so many yarns from partial balls I can't tell you how many are in there. I put in any thing I had which was black, grey or red. After I grouped them all together I did remove one grey because it looked too much bluer than the others. Weights are in the range of fingering to worsted. I have multiple fibres, wools, cottons and rayon and probably a few others.

You can read the first post on this pattern here.

BTW, it's very helpful for me if my readers go to the Ravelry page for my patterns and click on add to favorites or add to queue. It means more knitters see my patterns and they don't get lost at the bottom of the list when Ravellers do searches for specific project types. 

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