Monday, September 5, 2016

September is Here, Time to get Back to Work!

Wow, the last month of the summer just sped by for me. My garden is telling me it's autumn, My Engleman's Ivy is dropping leaves and the annuals are looking less than perfect.  

Part of the reason time was moving so quickly for me was my husband's two weeks of vacation. On top of that he took a couple of extra vacation days and turned the August long weekend and the Labour day long weekend into extra long weekends. I see so little of him normally (due to a killer working schedule) that when he is home I feel I need to be working on quality time. It's great but it really messes with my regular working schedule. I usually write blog posts in advance so I never feel pressured to get something ready to publish. I'm writing this one on Sunday so my regular readers will see something tomorrow morning. I usually publish Monday, Wednesday and Friday. 

I am getting that back to work feeling this weekend. I'm starting to work on swatches for a new "how to"  and like every other knitter I know I'm thinking about knitting with winter-worthy yarns. I've been knitting with a wool, cashmere and silk blend for a shawl and had to put it down many times because my hands started getting sticky. I expect that situation to resolve itself very soon. 

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