Friday, September 2, 2016

New Pattern - The Julia Olivera Wrap

This pattern was the result of a yarn store crawl with a friend last year. I wanted something with good texture that wouldn't obscure the self striping nature of the yarn.

It's a triangle wrap worked with a top down construction technique. It uses an extra set of increases at one edge to create an asymmetrical shape. The stitch patterns are reversible. Both stitch patterns are created with knits and purls. The stitch patterns are charted only, to assist the knitter in working shaping and the stitch patterns at the same time. 

The textural stitches will work equally well with self-striping and solid yarn colours. Gauge is not critical for this pattern, but the yarn weight and needle size used will affect the finished measurements. 

The charts use non-standard symbols to simplify the knitting by eliminating the need to mentally reverse stitches. The charts do not create a visual of the stitch pattern. Wrong side rows are indicated with a background colour and are read from left to right.

The mannequin photos were taken by my husband and the ones of me by my friend Flora.

It's up on Ravelry here and will be on Patternfish and LoveKnitting soon.


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