Friday, April 29, 2016

The Glenhost Wrap

I released a new pattern yesterday and there will be another one up by Monday. The first is the Glenhost Wrap

It's another collaboration with Patrick Madden of Signature Yarns

The yarn is Americo's Original Winter Flamme, in Bordeaux and  Petrol Blue which is  69% Superfine Alpaca and 31% wool.  Both colours are dense and saturated. The yarn is textured and slightly hairy.

The wrap is worked starting from one narrow point. The stitches increase on one side and decrease on the opposite edge. This method creates a triangle with long points to wrap around your neck, tie or pin into place. The stripes are worked in a textural stitch to create a reversible fabric. The combination of a blended alpaca and wool yarn knitted at a loose gauge creates a very soft fabric with drape.

Patrick has provided me with lots of great photos for this project.



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